Halloween Bash

Halloween is almost here and I can’t wait!!! If I didn’t say it before I will say it again, “I love Halloween!” Fall is my favorite time of the year and my favorite time to throw a party – I love the autumn chill and the smell of chimneys burning – it just seems festive. So, if you haven’t decided on your decor for your Halloween party here are a few last minute ideas.
 I hung a round mirror from my front door. I secured some twisting, turning dead sticks behind the mirror so they branched out around it.

Next I tucked in some creepy black and twisty twigs with a couple of glittery spiders, this added just a touch of shimmer and sheen. Then I add some adorable orange jack-o-lantern bells, so every time the door opens it make a little clink and clank. A burlap ribbon adorns the mirror with a vintage Halloween postcard dangling in the center.

I finished off the look by draping handfuls of Spanish moss over the fingers of sticks. From the moment guest will know they are in for a spine-tingling good time. And the trick-or-treaters will love looking at themselves in the mirror.

Outside, don’t make it too easy for the little goblins to demand their treats: create a mystery by illuminating the pathway to the house with a ghostly glow. These great tin cans with cut out jack-o-lantern faces will do the trick!

There is just something so mysterious about the flickering candle light and it makes a creepy setup for whatever waits on the other side of the door.

At the front entry I took an old concrete urn and added black fuzzy sticks and wonderful vintage ornaments.

My wonderful bear was turned into a witch to greet guests as they come through the door.

Mice, tiny pumpkins, old books with the covers taken off and skeleton hands finish off the chest in the entry.
The tea service in the dining room received a little attention this Halloween with twister gourds and a spooky skeleton.

A little bling was add to the formal dining table.
Decorating is in the details, especially around All Hallows Eve.

My last dinner quest is enjoying a book on the settee.

Double, double toil and trouble,

Fires burn, and caldron’s bubble…
Calling all witches, goblins and ghosts
Hope this will help you be a great host….