These little islands perched in the middle of our living rooms can be challenging to decorate. They need to walk the line between form and function, having displays that are interesting but not obtrusive.
        One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are designing their coffee table is using to many small or low profile pieces. First you need to determine the look you are going for. Is it going to be casual or formal? You want to make sure your display matches the rest of the decor in your room.
          If the coffee table is in front of your TV you would not want an overly tall display. Those looks are great in a more formal living room that might be a little less used.
          You want to bring texture, mixture of sizes and shapes on your coffee table. Don’t be afraid to include beefier objects because accents with some heft will add width and height to your table.
           Trays are great to use as a base for your display because trays pull the pieces together and give the grouping a unified look. Plus when you build a display on a tray, you can easily move it if you want to clear the coffee table for another use.
           Hope this will inspire you and give you a few new tips for your coffee table.

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