Want to keep your floors clean without doubt it yourself? Let a robot Vacuum Cleaner(http://www.bestandfirst.com/vacuum-cleaner/) do the job for you. There are so many options more than ever, and I’ve picked the best robot vacuum cleaners to help you pick one that’s just right for your home on BestAndFirst.
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Robot vacuum cleaners never get bored or distracted, and they don’t mind working every day all the time, so you don’t have to worry about its cleaning times. In most houses, they can keep the floors clean with barely any effort—pet hair, dirt and debris disappear before you even notice. After testing dozens of robot vacs, including expensive robots that self cleaning themselves, or try (in vain) to steer around pet waste, we think most people should look first at the simple, tried-and-true iRobot Roomba series.Small Vacuum Cleaner(https://www.bestandfirst.com/small-vacuum-cleaner/)
iRobot Roomba 614
This simple and fast robot vacuum cleaner is much more durable and repairable than similar bots from other brands and is better at cleaning pile carpets too. It has a navigator that rarely gets stuck, though it works best when it only has to clean three or four rooms at a time.
Like any other great robot vacuum cleaner, iRobot Roomba series bots are intrepid navigators that find debris you’d never notice on your own, without getting stuck on typical household clutter or tight spaces too often. They’re better at cleaning carpets than most other affordable robots, and they’re actually sturdy, repairable appliances that you’ll own for years—not just some gimmicky gadget. The semi-random navigation system is the norm among low-cost robots but works perfectly well in areas that are smaller than 1,000 square feet. The bumbling randomness gets on some people’s nerves, though, and it’s not consistently effective in larger spaces (our upgrade picks are better if you want predictable performance, especially in bigger homes). The 600 series robots are also a little bit louder and rougher on furniture than some comparably affordable bots.
There are a handful of roomba series, but the only important difference is whether they can connect to Wi-Fi (for remote control and setting schedules via smartphone app, and use voice command), it’ll be very convenient for your smart home. Paying for them is a fair deal; $200 or less is an excellent price. You could also consider the Roomba e5, which adds tangle-free brushes and extra suction to the same sturdy 600 series base. (It’s also sold as the e6 at some retailers.)
Eufy RoboVac 11S
This cheap robot vacuum is quieter and can clean under more furniture than any other model we’ve tested. While it works best in small and tight spaces, it rarely gets stuck and does a good job on bare floors, hardwood floors and low-pile carpet. It’s not as durable as a Roomba.
No other robot vacuum blends into the background like the Eufy RoboVac 11S (or other models built on the same body). This basic, cheap robot vac sounds more like a desk fan than a vacuum—even if you’re home while it works, you’ll barely notice it running. It’s thinner than most bots, which lets it glide under more furniture, picking up plenty of hidden debris. The big downside is that the 11S (and others like it) don’t seem to be built to last for more than a couple of years on average, and we’ve heard about plenty of unrepairable breakdowns that happen even sooner. And while the 11S will get your floors much cleaner than if you didn’t vacuum at all, this bot just isn’t built to dig up much debris from rugs, especially softer, thicker types. Like the Roomba 600 series (and most other affordable bots), the 11S is a semi-random navigator and works best in small spaces.
Eufy sells at least a dozen variants of this bot, each of which has a slightly different set of additional features such as Wi-Fi, extra suction, or do-not-cross strips. There are loads of functionally identical knockoffs, too, from brands like Goovi, Coredy, and others. Seriously, we bought a couple, and they’re essentially the same robots, all the way down to the beeps and boops they make (though we’re not sure whether the other brands’ customer service will be as responsive as Eufy’s). We’d buy these bots only when they cost less than $200—we regularly see them for $150, and sometimes even cheaper.Best Vacuum Cleaner(https://www.bestandfirst.com/best-vacuum-cleaner/)
iRobot Roomba i7
The i7 is very good at getting pet hair out of carpets, and its nav system consistently and thoroughly cleans large spaces, though it’s missing some advanced features. Just leave to it to clean floors. Like any Roomba, it should be durable.
The iRobot Roomba i7 isn’t as simple or clever as the Roborock, but it still works well in bigger homes and is otherwise simpler, more durable, and better at cleaning most carpets. The i7 is built on the same sturdy, long-lasting base as the cheaper Roomba models but adds more suction power and tangle-resistant brushes for a boost in cleaning power. Extra sensors and processing also help it reliably clean large (or small) spaces in a (mostly) predictable, orderly pattern. Another neat option: The Roomba i7+ package can automatically empty any debris it picks up into its charging dock, which you’ll have to empty only once every month or two—it actually works, and it’s handy.Best Handheld Vacuum(http://www.bestandfirst.com/best-handheld-vacuum/)