Late winter can feel a little blah. That makes it the perfect time to update your bedroom. Whether you need a complete overhaul, starting with new furniture, or just a refresh with different bedding, we have so much to choose from.

I love the neutral grays/blues in this bedding, livened up with a pop of pink. It completely changes the look of the space without committing to something drastic or expensive. The bench is gorgeous!  7941  7722These beautiful blues are a great foundation that could be used alone or paired with various colors. Below, we paired blue with a touch of warmth and added the sequin pillow for some sparkle.  7944  7945  7960  7961  7962  7958These muted colors are soft and inviting…  7992

…And this colorful patchwork quilt would brighten any room. I would love it a room with white walls. The metal bicycle art is a great focal point!  7998Come in and we can help you find the perfect look and feel for your bedroom!  7602