“Vintage Belsnickles”
          A couple of years ago at market while shopping for next years Christmas treasures I ran across these delightful figurines called Belsnickles. They are a wonderful German Christmas collectible.
           Of course, the Belsnickle is not the true Santa Claus as we know him in America, he’s not even a nice character at all if you read up on several versions of his history! He was a creature to be loathed and feared by the children.
           The Belsnickle traveled from house to house brandishing his switches in the air. He would use these switches to whip naughty children. To good children the Belsnickle would hand out cakes or candies. These gifts were thrown upon the floor, but if a child were to try to recover them in the presence of the Belsnickler, the child would quickly receive a whack on the backside with a broom.
           It was custom for the Belsnickle to receive a treat at each house. While not welcome in all homes, in most instances, Belsnicklers were indeed invited in, and after unmasking and identifying themselves, were rewarded with refreshments of doughnuts, molasses cakes, coffee, lemonade or cider.
           Here are a few of these unusual creatures that have become very popular for us these last couple of years at the store.

I love the painting of the coats of these two! 

These are two of the new ones this year.


They look great clustered together.

They are a great addition to any bookcase.
These trees are great to add depth to your display of Belsnickles.

New tiny wreaths

                  These Belsnickles are great on mantels, clustered together on a tray, down the dining room table or in bookcases. The possibilities are endless so come buy and get yours today. Happy Holiday decorating!!